PB White & Co. is a west coast-based financial planning and retirement planning firm purposefully structured to give clients the intimate experience of a small firm while harnessing the power, reach, and discipline of larger partners.

Our financial planning methodology is based on the practice standards of the CFP Board – which includes a commitment to put the best interest of the client at the heart of every decision.


We will work closely with you to develop a financial plan that aims to bring your personal life and your finances together in the way they were always meant to be. Not only will you be ready to take on whatever life happens to throw at you today – you’ll be better prepared for your future as well.


PB White & Co. provides a dedicated team to collaborate with you to create and adjust a sophisticated strategy, tailored to your goals. You always stay informed and in control.


As your advisory firm, we aim to put your financial goals first. Our investment approach is founded on a methodical strategy to help reduce risk and increase assets – using an understanding for individual tolerance and need for risk.


Our team has experience working with third-party estate planning lawyers, to help implement successful investment approaches. The financial planners at PB White & Co., along with your Estate Planning Attorney, will aim to help you make the financial decisions that matter the most.


The United States tax code is complex and ever changing – an unfortunate reality making compliance and strategies difficult. However, with the right team, we can help make sure you’re taking advantage of opportunities to save money.


We work with clients thru every step of the retirement planning process to determine the appropriate types of retirement accounts to hold investments, how much will need to be saved to ensure lifestyle is maintained in retirement, what affect will certain decisions have on retirement assets, what is the optimal way of taking Social Security, or when is the best time to begin retirement.