How We Work

At PB White & Co., our primary goal is to provide you with comprehensive, holistic services to help you align your finances with your values and lifestyle goals.

We believe the best way to pursue that goal is to engage the CFP® 7 Step Comprehensive Financial Planning Process as it is honest, transparent, comprehensive and, most importantly, effective.

As a CFP® professional, each certified member of the PB White & Co. team undergoes extensive ongoing training in critical financial planning areas as well as a rigorous ethics requirement ensuring that we act as a fiduciary.

What is a fiduciary?

Here are the 7 Steps of the CFP Board’s 7 Step Comprehensive Financial Planning Process to guide our work with you:

  1. Understand your personal and financial circumstances
  2. Identify and select goals
  3. Analyze your current course of action
  4. Select the right recommendations
  5. Present the plan to you
  6. Implement your plan
  7. Monitoring and updating


The CFP Board’s 7-step Financial Planning approach elevates the planning process to new heights. We understand what it means to provide distinguished, extra service to our customers, and this process helps us achieve that goal.

Are you ready to see how this financial planning approach may improve your situation? Request an appointment here to get started.